One word to sum up my week. Fast.

A week full of moving projects, rapid prototyping and speedy planning sessions, but also my most productive week of the year too.

Here are my top five stories of the week:

Sketch, design and test.

Me and my team at dxw kicked-off a sprint with Mind to ‘Create a feature that will allow users to have more control over their experience and make better connections on Side by Side — An online community which allows people to share their mental health experiences and connect with others.

We sketched, prototyped and tested within three days. Rapid work…

One word to sum up my Monday. Tan.

Leicester has been absolutely roasting over the last few days, as has the rest of the UK. 30 degrees though? 🥵 Honestly, talk about mood-lift or what! I have to say, I do prefer the colder days in winter as I am a December baby after all, but then again, there is nothing like an extra ice-cold G&T in the sun.

Here are my top 5 stories from the past week:

Long-term planning time.

We only have a few months left until we finish our project with Homes England so last week, I decided to…

Afternoon people 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

It’s been a great week for personal development and I feel like I have ended the week with a whole extra layer of knowledge in my brain. Lot’s of goal-setting, future planning and networking. All the stuff I love!

Here are my top five stories of the week:

Creating user profiles.

Recently, I have been thinking about how we deliver research insights to clients in a speedy and digestible way so that they can pick up and use anytime without having to read a never-ending set of notes or tirelessly skipping through a recording. …

Happy Sunday world 🌍

It’s been a busy few weeks at home and work — lot’s to catch you up on!

I usually spend my Friday mornings reflecting and writing these weeknotes, but I skipped it last week as I was screaming my head off at Alton Towers so I’ve decided to make this one a fortnight update.

Here are my ten top stories from the last few weeks:

Planning research interviews.

Last week, I planned out some research interviews with other public sector bodies as part of the re-design project were doing with Homes England. Some examples of OPSBs are local authorities…

Hello again 👋🏼

Really falling in love with writing these weeknotes. Friday morning is now a nice little time of the day where I can have a good old reflection, empty my brain and share my experiences with you all.

Here are five short stories from my week:

Getting my teeth stuck into government.

It’s coming up to two months since I joined dxw as a designer. It’s also my first time working in government! Last week, I joined a project as a service designer working with Homes England — the government’s housing accelerator who are #MakingHomesHappen to help improve neighbourhoods & grow communities.

Our goal…

Here it is. My very first week note 👏🏼

So, I have always been into regular reflection but had no clue weeknotes was an actual thing until my line manager, Gaz Aston, introduced me to them. Cheers Gaz!

Here are five short stories from my week:

Dream come true. A real office!


📍UK. Designer of *positive* experiences. Right now @dxw / Ex @bbc. Service design + UX/UI + Branding. Mentoring the future gen. + having a good time.

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