New place, training and a bloody bad migraine.

2022 Weeknotes by Chan #02

4 min readJan 17, 2022

*Update from last week*

Short one for me. I was faced with a hefty migraine which knocked me out for two days straight — alongside an added sparkle of relocating cities, setting up bills and a good old weekend trip to IKEA.

Here are my top three stories of the week:

Peace, at last.

Cute co-working space below my apartment.

On the days where my migraine didn’t attack me, I actually spent some time exploring my new place. Based in the lovely Salford, the apartment I now live in is very snazzy and an incredible value for money. Fancy communal spaces, cosy cinema rooms, a cute gym, a very big swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna and much more — all located in the same apartment block. It feels like a mix between university and an all inclusive holiday — but this time I am a responsible adult (most of the time 😂)

A major game changer for me is that divide between work, home and life that I have been craving over the past few years, but luckily all within walking distance from each other so the commute pain is gone. I even managed to go have a workout, river stroll, breakfast, gratitude time and some reading all before 8am one day this week. I smell a transformation on the way 🙏🏼

Values over outcomes.

The layer diagram inspired by Shrek.

Another thing I have been getting up to this week is reading about goal-setting. If you have read my weeknotes recently, you’ll know that I have been banging on about this, but literally it’s changed my life. I have come to discover the beauty of daily habits over hefty outcome-based goals.

For example, you want to gain more knowledge in general so you decide to read a book a month. As soon as you’ve read your first book, you move onto the next, and the next, and the next. Instead of continuously appreciating your little successes and drawing satisfaction from it, you ignore the moment and start to chase your next goal.

Instead of reading a book every month, you may develop your habit of reading for ten minutes a day and enjoy the reading itself — without worrying whether you have actually finished a book by the end of the month or not. Instead of focusing on the result, appreciate the process.

Anyway, I have started pulling out some of my highlights into a Miro board and decided that it would be a great thing to share with peeps into personal development like me. It is slowly forming itself into a creative, psychological workshop with a bunch of activities and intense discussion points, so maybe this is something I’ll launch soon? Who’s interested?

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”- Seth Godin

Check out Atomic Habits by James Clear and the 6-minute journal — Two of my biggest inspirations right now ⬆️

Sprint planning with Ofsted.

Our Miro workshop set up.

First week kicking off a new project this week at Ofsted so we decided to have an engaging workshop on planning. The team are absolutely loving the icebreakers we set in these sessions and I am realising just how crucial they are in setting the tone and getting people comfy to open up. Things like ‘If you could improve one aspect of your workspace, what would it be?’ and ‘If you were in the mood for comfort eating, what would be on the menu?’ have gone down a treat. Some real quirky answers too. Spicy crisp sandwiches. 5-egg mushroom omelettes. Desk pizza ovens. A wireless charging desk. A bowl of mash. Can you guess which one was mine? 😂

Finally, over the weekend, I went on an adventure to IKEA with my best girls here in Manchester, lots of money spent on a load of bitty bobs but its given my new place a sparkle ✨ Also, been craving those meatballs for years.

Happy Monday, hopefully not too blue 💙




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