Pausing for two months, making memories and being truly present.

Two months ago I wrote my last set of weeknotes. TWO BLOODY MONTHS! There’s no point even calling them weeknotes anymore so I have decided to just let this be a bit of an update whenever it feels right. Three magical memories, two chunky challenges and one life lesson. Have a read ⬇️

5 min readMar 18, 2022

Three magical memories ✨

Wild times in Manchester.

The sunrise, the sunset and me with a cheeky glass of Pinot.

Being back in Manchester has been absolutely wild. Networking events, gym sessions, clubbing, house parties, spa days, meeting old friends and I even tried a bit of speed dating — a story for another day 😂

Taking a pause on life has been the key thing for me. A pause on working after work. A pause on the never ending to-do lists. A pause on the reflections. A pause on the weeknotes. A pause on all the extra stuff that takes up my mind. I took everyday as it came and lived with absolute spontaneity. Each day literally bought a new story and I ended up meeting a bunch of people who have become really good friends. All good for a short amount of time, but now I find myself craving a good old plan and direction so back to ‘intentional living’ for me!

Weight lifting champ in progress.

Me about to a deadlift.

If you said to me a month ago ‘Chanelle, go and leg press 120kg’ I would be like absolutely not. Well, I did and lord knows how that happened. I joined an eight week programme (face to face thank god) focused on cutting body fat, improving muscle tone & pushing my fitness to another level. Thank god I work from home because I have hardly been able to move after the stiffness!

Something has definitely switched in my brain recently. Maybe it’s because the sun has arrived or maybe I have had enough of being unfit. Whatever it is that’s changed, I am really hoping I stay consistent in this, as this new routine for me has been a game changer for my mind. I wake up at 5:45am most mornings, walk to town and burn my daily calories before 10am. Not only that, my sleep is bloody fantastic and my overall energy is on point. A major major transformation is happening here 🏋🏼‍♀️

Elected as a staff council member!

The dxw staff council announcement article.

Last year, dxw became employee owned with a board of trustees and an executive board. In January, it democratically elected its first staff council. As part of this new announcement, I was chuffed to find out that I was voted by the people of dxw to be on the council alongside six other superstars! What an honour.

We’ve had a couple of meetings so far to figure out ways of working and set up a bit of a plan for the next 12 months, but what I am really looking forward to, is bringing a different energy and making everyone feel like they own a little piece of magic at dxw. Let’s see how it goes!

Two chunky challenges 🥵

Deep in client work.

Our lovely sprint planning board

Probably the most intense period I have had at work for a long time, but very expected since were coming to the end of the financial year, so all hands on deck for me! Trying to balance the meetings with actual design time is always tough but luckily I am surrounded by support whenever it’s needed.

Another big challenge (but massive learning) is the hat swapping. I have switched between interaction design, service design and even got my fingers stuck in a bit of delivery / project lead role within this project. Although, some of it is a new territory for me, I am really realising how important people skills are because a lot of this can be solved just by knowing what to say, when to say it and most importantly, how to say it. Intense work, but a tonne of lightbulb moments that I think will stay with me throughout my creative career💡

Shit family news.

I don’t usually share the private side of my life but it’s important to actually show a bit of realism as sometimes my life is not all sunrises and motivational quotes. Unfortunately, we received some tough news this month about an extra close family member so things have been a rollercoaster of emotions. It made me realise just how wrapped up I can be in my career and forget about the real hearty stuff like taking a break to spend time with family. This, alongside an intense period at work has made it quite difficult to brain-switch but my mum raised me with a lot of mental strength and resilience so that’s come in handy.

*Note to self — It’s good to air your feeling sometimes, even though you bury a lot of your emotions, grab a cuppa tea with someone if you need to. Vulnerability is NOT a sign of weakness.

One life lesson 🧠

It’s okay to turn off.

Last weekend, I sat down and went through a whole season of ‘The Last Kingdom’ on Netflix. 20 episodes, 15 hours, all in one weekend 😂 And guess what? I had the time of my bloody life. It’s fine to literally not do anything sometimes. But balance is important.

Me-time ideas 💆🏽‍♀️

Finally, I was inspired by

’s weeknotes for this bit — cheers hun!

Reading 📕

This month, I’m starting a book called ‘Do Lead’ which was suggested by my line manager ⭐️ I am proper interested in how we can all be leaders and influence without authority.

Watching 📺

I doubt that I’ll have anymore ‘Netflix and Chill’ time so no more 20-hour bingeing for me but a couple weekly things I am hooked on is The Apprentice and Peaky Blinders. Entertaining telly!

Weekend plans 📆

Tomorrow I think I might have some self-development time and rebuild my portfolio. On Sunday, I have booked out the cinema room downstairs in the apartment block, so I’ll invite a couple of friends over, do some face masks and eat a good old fruit salad.

Heard a banging quote today that stuck with me. Cheers to

for sharing this one…

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Have a good one 🤍




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